Letter to Him 2

Letter to Him

I sometimes wonder who my next lover would be 

And it is often surreal when I think about how 

The people we finally end up with are in this moment doing their own thing 

Somewhere away from us. 

Perhaps they do not even know we exist. 

Perhaps they also think about us and what we could possibly be doing in this moment.

Perhaps they do know us but we just haven’t noticed them yet or seen them in that light.

I paint scenarios in my head 

Of how I would eventually meet mine. 

Would it be like in the movies where 

I mistakenly spill my morning coffee on his pristine suit shirt and try to scrub it off with my handkerchief making it worse 

And then we look up into each other’s eyes and click!

Or perhaps something more realistic as meeting at a party But then again I haven’t been to a party in years. 

Oh, this is a dilemma.

But regardless of how we meet

 I know you are kind and smart and love me for my weirdness and often mulish expressions. 

I know you’d chuckle and shake your head at my constant antics to make you laugh– especially knowing how terrible I am at making jokes.

We would spend time talking about the most mundane things in the most fun and interesting ways from our different yet similar universes.

I may not know how we would meet or what you would aesthetically look like

Or what you smell like 

Or what your skin would feel like beneath my touch

But when we do meet 

We would struggle to keep apart from each other and be so caught up in our own world like no one else exists in the world

Because they wouldn’t. 

I don’t know you yet, but I do know how you make me feel Like the rest of the earth has fallen away.

I say I hate cooking 

Yet I find myself scrolling through the internet  

Jotting down recipes in my notepad 

So that when we meet 

I would spend time making combinations of new meals we have both probably never tasted before.

We would laugh 

We would cry

We would be happy

We would be sad

We would be confident 

We would be scared

On some days we would be insecure 

But the catch is; 

We would travel through these emotions together 

Like two peas in a pod. 

So to my lover

Wherever you are, hasten thither to me 

So we can begin the rest of our lives together 

Right beside each other.


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