Friday, November 25, 2022

Healing is Introspective…

Where is my courage? Where is my self worth? Why do i feel like a failure? Why am i constantly sad? Why do i feel like i am not good enough?

There is some thing i like to do; sometimes i randomly ask my closest friends questions about me and my behavior towards them (which they think is weird by the way) and i get responses that i probably had no prior knowledge about, or subconsciously ignored. Then i take these responses and begin to analyze them in my head, why i did something a certain way, what triggered it, how i have grown since then, and how i should perhaps have handled somethings.

So where am i going with my story? being introspective is examining yourself, your thoughts processes, understanding your emotions and the ability to ask why you feel these emotions.

Asking your self questions on why you feel a certain emotion, why you feel you are worthless or why you feel you are not good enough to be loved or to get that job, or achieve that goal; is what will lead you to what causes these emotions and once you can pinpoint it, the next step is doing something to change it

Self awareness is the key to introspection and introspection is the key to healing

We have all being hurt by one experience or another, either in our intimate relationships or platonic ones with friends, family and acquaintances. and most of us hold in this pain and hurt and subsequently blame everything that happens in our lives on these experiences.

But if we chose to actually take a deeper look at these experiences and study them, we would find out that the major cause of whatever dark emotions and pain we are holding on to is centered on avoiding responsibilities for our problems.

Introspection is hard. It is looking inwards into your very soul and holding yourself accountable. It is like ripping out your innards and laying them bare, then picking at them one by one.

This is the only way you can deal with the hurt and pain that you feel. You can never find healing from without. Yes, some people/situations may help you through the process (like my friends) but they cannot heal whatever you are going through.

Self introspection is necessary for gaining awareness of ones self; who you are, how you see yourself, and ultimately, how you accept and love yourself.

But just as one of my favorite writers, Philip K. Dick once said; “the problem with introspection is that it has no end”.

The problem with introspection is that it has no end – Philip K. Dick

Self evaluation and self awareness is a constant. For you to maintain a form of inner peace, you need to look inwards. You need to find out what exactly is hurting you, why you are letting it hurt you and why it is keeping you from being at peace with yourself and people around you.

The moment you can figure out the root cause, you are well on your way to your healing. It might take months or years to finally let go and get some inner peace, but don’t forget, ” the most introspective ones are often the ones that have been hurt the most”. So have no fear about been able to heal through introspection.

You can do it!

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