Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hello, Welcome

I’m Temi, I like to talk about Life, Relationships and Self-growth, I love to help people grow and heal from past relationships and life issues. I love to listen to people talk about their experiences; I understand what it is like wanting to talk and share your thoughts with someone and there is no one to do that with. So, think of me as your diary that responds to you. When I am not writing, I am in a corner with my nose between a book or stuffing my face with chocolates and every other junk food. Don’t forget to check out my poems; they are an extension of my deepest thoughts, motivations and feelings. Leave a comment on my posts you like and share them with your friends and I just might share my chocolates with you.



Am I ready?

Am I Ready? I have been dilemmatic lately, I am at a point where I want do a thing but I am unsure, I asked myself this question “am I ready? but, it only made me wonder further, do we ever really know when we are ready for...


The Growth Police "This you?" "Drag him!" "Ratio her!" The “this you?” phrase is a popular Twitter slang that is used to humiliate a tweep into accountability. It is evidence used to call out tweeps who have made controversial tweets that contrasts with their past views/opinions – no matter...


IS SEEKING VALIDATION SUCH A BAD THING? I bet when you saw the title, you vehemently said "Yes! it is" and that's ok, you aren't wrong or maybe just a little? Let's find out, shall we? Can you recall how many times you have posted something about yourself...

Are you self sabotaging your relationships?

Are you self-sabotaging your relationships? Why do you do it? “We sabotage the great things in our lives because deep down we don’t feel worthy of having the great things.” – Taressa Riazzi Have you ever met someone new and everything is just going so great and easy; then suddenly,...

Letter to Him 2

...we would struggle to keep apart from each other and be so caught up in our own world like no one else exists in the world... letter to him
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